JTB Jupiter Express Services Pvt. Ltd.; established in 2002 is a joint venture between JTB Express Pvt. Ltd. and Jupiter Global Ltd. – a Hong Kong-based Japan Airlines subsidiary. It has an affiliation to Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation and is a part of the reputed Global Aviation Group who has been in the Aviation industry for over 45 years.

JTB Jupiter Express Services Pvt. Ltd. has a cohesive PAN-India presence with valid licenses and permissions to conduct its core businesses. It has been redefining Courier Consolidation and Freight Forwarding for the last sixteen years. It is proud of the extensive network that offers efficient and reliable logistics services to its valued customers.

The company has an integrated vision of well-planned and sustainable growth based on excellent relationships with principals and customers. JTB Jupiter Express Services Pvt. Ltd. has an exclusive workforce of almost eighty dedicated employees across ten Indian cities, representing a seamless network that has acquired the trust of its customers and industry regulators.

With a highly trained and experienced staff that strives to bring excellence into every process, JTB Jupiter Express Services Pvt. Ltd. is well-positioned & equipped to serve its customers well.

JTB Jupiter Express Services Pvt. Ltd. has been an integral part of the emerging freight forwarding market in India and has been actively contributing to the growth of the Indian economy.

Chairman’s Message

JTB Jupiter Express Services Pvt. Ltd. is an important part of the Global Aviation Group and has emerged as a dynamic presence in the freight forwarding industry for the last sixteen years. It has established itself as a market leader in the consolidated courier industry since its inception and translates the Group’s core values and principles seamlessly.

JTB Jupiter Express Services Pvt. Ltd. has been proactively identifying the industry trends and augmenting its strength. I believe that to catapult business efficiency, mutual benefit is essential. The company makes sure that its customers, as well as its service providers, are always on the trajectory of sustainable growth. With a constant endeavor to keep alive the spirit of enterprise, JTB simply applies the attributes of a personalized approach that leads to a team that works together and delivers exemplary services every time.

Based upon its beliefs of excellence, JTB Jupiter Express Services Pvt. Ltd. is committed to initiating new and progressive innovations to always be ahead of the curve. It has built a strong platform of fundamentals and ensures full compliance with corporate governance values.

The team members and esteemed clients are JTB’s most valuable assets. Its success is highly attributed to the contribution of the dedicated employees and customers’ support, that has been with the company throughout this successful journey.

I extend my gratitude to all our partners for the consistent support and encouragement that has inspired me and the JTB team to be on the path of continuous progress and instill in all of us the ambition to excel at every step.

The JTB Vision is to be the best in the industry and we are committed to innovate, engage and contribute to the holistic betterment of logistics services at large.


What our clients say

Anand Poyarekar
Anand Poyarekar
Chief Product Officer – Mumbai & Manager - Projects (India)
On Time International Logistics Pvt. Ltd (A leading PAN-India Freight Forwarder
Subsidiary of YTO Express (International) Holdings Limited)

“JTB Jupiter Express has been outstanding in all the aspects which is why our association has been so solid for all these years & many more years to come. We expect same service & support in future too.”
Leena S Banerjee
Leena S Banerjee
Director - JCS International Logistics Pvt Ltd
A Leading PAN-India Freight Forwarder

“JCS International & JTB Jupiter Express go back 8 years. The level of trust developed over these 8 years is unparalleled. JTB has serviced us for PAN India business and the team JTB has always been wonderful, supportive and efficient. The relationship we share, gives us complete confidence in our own growth & success. We are proud to be associated with JTB.”

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